OR Integration / Upgrades - AIMMC

Renovate existing OR’s 10, 11 and 12 and the pass-thru to provide two larger OR’s for Neuro and Vascular cases.  Both rooms will have video routing capabilities and will include new lights and booms.  The Vascular OR will have lead shielding for a future single plane C-arm.  Finishes will be upgraded along with new light fixtures, diffusers, and metal ceiling system.  OR Room status cameras will be added at each OR and monitored back at the surgery control desk. 

Operating Room inner core rooms shall have cosmetic and operational improvements that will correct infection control deficiencies, storage issues, and life safety deficiencies.  OR 4 will receive new LED lights, equipment boom, monitor arm, and an anesthesia gas column.  Finishes within OR 4 as well as the OR locker room will also be upgraded.  Storage issues will be corrected by relocating the surgery materials and supplies from the OR corridors to the Ground Floor Sterile Processing Department.  The Ground Floor Pharmacy Offices will relocate to make room for the expansion of the Sterile Processing Department.